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Years ago, and after five months of dating the sweetest, funniest, handsomest and the most incredible guy I ever met in my life, I had to make a very difficult decision — leave Jon behind and get on with my life in the Netherlands, or take a chance and leave everything I knew behind, risking it for the possibility of love and a life of unknowns.

Originally from The Netherlands and now living in Rowayton, Ct with my husband Jon, son Spencer and two FLUFFY cats Iris and Bella

I'm Jessie


On my 30th birthday, I received the best gift ever: a positive pregnancy test announcing our first baby was on the way. Spencer was born November 19, 2023.

Though I can still cuddle him, smell him and squeeze those little chubby cheeks as if he were a tiny little newborn, the days have passed quicker than a blink of an eye, and Spencer’s tiny newborn phase feels like a lifetime ago!

Now here we are, seven years (and a son!) later…

If you guessed I took the risk, you’re right! 

I love looking back at our photos, and seeing how much my family has grown, and how we haven’t changed at all. I can see the beautiful moments in between all of the chaos that is real, everyday life. I wish this for you as well. It is my privilege and joy to capture your moments, so you can hold them as memories — in your heart, on your walls, in your albums. 

I have been a professional photographer since 2017, ever since I made the decision to stay in the States. In 2021, I made it official and started Jessie Barentsen Photography as a full-time company. Within that time, I have captured hundreds of special moments and milestones. One of my favorite experiences is working with the same couples through all of these milestones — snapping every addition to their family throughout the years!

"Beautiful moments in between all of the chaos that is real, everyday life"

I capture your milestones to be your most romantic memories. I love natural light and will ensure all photos will be delivered in a natural and dreamy style. 

like I do, I would love to work with you!

pretty, bright, dreamy pictures

If you simply love


I am addicted to unsweetened black iced tea year-round. In the Netherlands, iced drinks are not the norm, so whenever I order my tea they struggle with it! The response is always something like, “so you want hot black tea with a lot of ice?!" 

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The staff of my local HomeGoods knows me personally. I’m there once a week, and some weeks twice! I absolutely love decorating my home and getting creative for the holidays. My favorite is Easter! What’s yours?

homegoods shopper


When I suggested the name Spencer as our baby’s name, Jon told me that was the name of his favorite stuffed animal growing up. So we took it as a sign, and Spencer was born. To this day, we often call Spencer our little seal, nicknamed after that cuddly stuffed animal from his dad’s childhood.



Jon and I recently adopted two fluffy senior cats named Bella and Iris.  They are very calm, loving, and enjoy “helping” mom and dad with work by sitting on the keyboard of the laptop and asking for constant cuddles. Bella prefers to stay home but Iris is already well known in town because she loves to go on walks and meet people!  You can follow Iris’s adventures on her instagram account: iris_the_himalayan_pyramid

Our little Fur Babies

Get to know me

Friends and family describe me as the most romantic dreamer they know — I never tire of the sparkling joy of engaged couples, the romantic essence of a wedding, the glow of expectant mothers, and the pure love between new parents and their child.

After all these years, there’s no better feeling for me than seeing your joy as you review your gallery! It’s my absolute honor to capture memories that you’ll treasure for years to come, and pass down to your children, grandchildren, and future generations.

Behind the Images 

the heart

The laughs, the held gaze. That moment you visualize the future of your family legacy. And one day, months or years from now, you can look back. And I promise, you’ll not only remember, but you’ll feel that moment all over again.

I strive to create timeless, dreamy, heartfelt images that showcase both the beauty of your family and the world around you. Capturing your love, your story.


So consider this your invitation to enlist a new best friend with a camera! Celebrate your dreams coming true, and I’ll be there so you can relive them. 

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